Proposals Could Chill Railroad Investment

Ask Congress to Rein in the STB
The U.S. Surface Transportation Board (STB) has announced a plan to impose a series of new regulations that would hurt freight railroads by undermining the balanced regulatory framework that enables them to earn enough to adequately reinvest back into their infrastructure and operations.

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Trains have come a long way since the days of the Iron Horse. Today’s railroads rely on innovations like smart sensors, big data,  machine visioning and ultrasound to constantly monitor the health and integrity of railcars, locomotives and track. Data and analytics are being used to spot patterns, identify maintenance needs and predict problems before they happen. Many people don't know about rail's techie side — click the text below to share on your Twitter feed.

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Policy Issues

Affecting freight railroads

Decisions made in Washington, D.C., affect railroads and communities nationwide.


Rail Advocate
Paul Granillo
Paul Granillo
President & CEO, Inland Empire Economic Partnership
San Bernardino, California

“With 27,000 square miles and California’s fastest growing population, we are truly building an empire. Railroads have helped catalyze this growth and will continue to foster it as they invest substantially in the rail network that connects Inland Empire to the world.”

Juva Barber
Juva Barber
Executive Director, Kentuckians for Better Transportation
Louisville, Kentucky

“The Bluegrass automotive industry landscape would not be the powerhouse that it is today without rail. Kentucky ranked 6th nationally in 2011 in originated rail tons of autos and auto parts.”

Patrick Sherry, Ph.D.
Patrick Sherry, Ph.D.
Executive Director, National Center for Intermodal Transportation Research, University of Denver
Denver, Colorado

"In my extensive research on transportation, workforce development and safety, I have observed freight railroads’ commitment to innovative safety programs."