“Modern, efficient infrastructure—including rail—is vital to business growth in New York State. In fact, our freight rail network is thriving and outpacing many other modes of transportation when it comes to safety and productivity. As I work to grow our local economies, I am confident freight rail will continue to be a strong partner.”

State Senator James L. Seward’s more than three decades of service as a state senator cap a lifelong interest in politics, public affairs, and government. A native of Otsego County, Senator Seward attended Oneonta public schools and graduated from Hartwick College with a B.A. in political science.

First elected to the state senate in 1986, Senator Seward has helped enact key state policies to create and retain jobs, bolster insurance coverage, and aid volunteer fire and emergency squads.

Senator Seward has been a consistent advocate for education initiatives, tax relief, small business assistance, and agriculture programs. He has acted as a strong partner in local economic development, encouraging job creation and business growth.

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