Rhode Island Economy Gets a Boost from Rail

In addition to playing a direct role in the revitalization of the Ports of Providence and Davisville, rail infrastructure and service improvements have also created cost effective options for other businesses and industries in the Ocean State. Taking heavy freight off the highways also reduces truck congestion and saves money for taxpayers on roadway upkeep.

Rhode Island's freight railroad operates 58 miles of track and employs 45 in the Ocean State.* It would have taken approximately 100,000 additional truckloads to move the nearly one million tons of freight that moved by rail in Rhode Island in 2014.

*2017 data

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43 percent

in rail rates, 1981-2014.

That means the average rail customer today can ship nearly twice as much freight for about the same price it paid more than 30 years ago. 

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Michael Gaynor

Michael Gaynor

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Michael Gaynor manages the field staff and operations for GoRail.