GoRail educates community leaders across the country about the public benefits of freight rail investments, mobilizing them in support of an even stronger rail network. We believe every ton of freight moved by rail strengthens the economy, creates jobs, mitigates pollution and saves taxpayers money.

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GoRail’s rail advocates are community leaders from every region of the country who recognize that rail policy decisions made in Washington, D.C. have real impacts back home. Meet them and learn more about the ways freight rail has benefited their communities.

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Support Responsible Rail Safety Legislation

Lawmakers in Congress are considering policy measures to enhance rail safety following the derailment in East Palestine. Several ideas being advanced are reasonable and targeted at safety. But a number of other proposed provisions would stall innovation and divert freight to highways, all while lacking a clear safety benefit. Take action in support of improved accident prevention and response – and against new mandates that would hold back technological advancements and divert freight from railways to highways.

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Second International Rail Bridge to Keep Laredo Bustling

Houston, TX — With a network stretching across North America, freight rail has long been a crucial connector for American international trade. Indeed, roughly half…


Rail Advocate
Marcus C. Evans, Jr.
Marcus C. Evans, Jr.
Illinois State Representative
Chicago, Illinois

"With nearly 1,300 trains passing through Chicagoland each day, railroads are an economic powerhouse for our region."

Shelley Keeney Taylor
Shelley Keeney Taylor
Missouri State Representative
Marble Hill, Missouri

“Thanks to balanced federal policies, railroads sustain over one million jobs across the economy and ensure that the goods essential to our daily lives – from food and clothing to energy and water treatment chemicals – are moved efficiently and safely.”

Chip Hallock
Chip Hallock
President & CEO, Newark Regional Business Partnership
Newark, New Jersey

“America’s freight railroads haul the goods that we need every day.”