Tallahassee, FL — Freight rail is an economic driver for Florida and policymakers should do what they can to keep it that way, State Representative Brad Drake wrote in a recent op-ed in the Tallahassee Democrat.  Drake, who represents Florida’s district 5, joined GoRail for Railroad Day 2019 to discuss the benefits of rail with Florida’s federal lawmakers.

“One of the centerpieces of this infrastructure system is our freight rail network. I’m headed to Washington, D.C., this week to discuss freight rail and infrastructure with our policymakers on Capitol Hill. Freight railroads are different due to the impressive state of their infrastructure and how this infrastructure is funded.

Trains are especially crucial in Florida, where our port system is an economic powerhouse connected to the rest of the country by two Class I railroads and several regional lines, like the Florida East Coast Railway.”

Drake underscored that policymakers should approach regulation with an eye toward balance and preserving rail’s private investments.

“Policymakers need to maintain the smart policies that allow freight railroads to spend at high levels. There are proposals pending at the federal level that would add new regulations to the industry, undermining its ability to invest. Policymakers should oppose such efforts.

Given its ability to demonstrate creative finance solutions, freight rail will become the leader for what can be accomplished when we commit to building an infrastructure system to meet the demands of tomorrow.”

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