Albuquerque, NM – Albuquerque will soon be home to the region’s first transloading facility—a rail access point that can transfer bulk materials between trains and trucks, providing local businesses access to freight rail.

GandyDancerGandy Dancer, LLC, one of the southwest region’s premier railroad and excavation contractors, broke ground on the $5 million project last December. BNSF will service New Mexico Transloading when it is completed, connecting Albuquerque businesses to the nation’s coast-to-coast rail network. Nationally, freight railroads contribute nearly $265 billion in economy activity annually.

“There is a strong need for this facility in the city of Albuquerque and in our state,” said Jamin Hutchens, CEO of Gandy Dancer. “When a train is moving, the local economy is moving. Business owners will now have a connection to the national and global supply chains.”

Additionally, shifting inbound shipments to rail is both more affordable and more environmentally friendly for local companies. The average rail customer can ship nearly twice as much freight for the same price it paid more than 30 years ago—and at four times the fuel efficiency of trucks.

At its groundbreaking, Governor Susana Martinez emphasized the economic development surrounding the transloading facility, saying it would lead to future jobs in warehousing and distribution in addition to the direct job creation.

“We expect initial employment at this facility to create 35 jobs and eventually grow to 200,” said Hutchens. “Freight rail is driving growth in our community as it simultaneously supports jobs and strengthens local businesses by connecting them to new markets.”