WASHINGTON, D.C. — As rail advocates, we sometimes forget that not everyone is well-versed with the technical side of railroads—the nuts and bolts of rail infrastructure, technology and innovation. You might not eagerly await your latest issues of Trains, Railway Age or Progressive Railroading like we do.

To that end, we’re announcing a new “Nuts & Bolts” blog series focused on the practical aspects of modern railroading—from distributed power to Tier 4 locomotives to the very foundation of the rails.

“Nuts & Bolts” is designed to give the non-railroader more background on the day-to-day operations of America’s freight railroads, a transformative U.S. industry that continues to evolve for the future. To follow the series and bolster your knowledge, sign up for GoRail’s monthly newsletter here in addition to following us on Twitter and Facebook.