Rail investments key to Port of Duluth-Superior

Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO David Ross

Duluth, MN – Rail investments in Minnesota are enhancing the ability of the Port of Duluth-Superior to connect the upper Midwest to the global marketplace. The largest port on the Great Lakes, Duluth-Superior is served by four Class I railroads, which in turn link it to Chicago and ports on the West Coast.

As both the U.S. and Midwest economies have rebounded, additional investments by freight railroads have helped the Port of Duluth-Superior continue to handle the iron ore, coal and grain that make up the bulk of its traffic.

“As a port city, and a transportation hub, railroads were instrumental in building our city. They remain a vital contributor to our economy and to our community,” said David Ross. “Consequently, the railroads success is Duluth’s success. We applaud Minnesota railroads for investing in the future. While they are building their railroads, they are strengthening our beloved city.”

“The announcement by the U.S. freight railroads of their intention to invest in upgrades and building of the freight railroad system in 2015 is very heartening. This way of moving and distributing products and goods is a very cost effective and efficient way of moving freight throughout the country.  It is particularly important to the City and Port of Duluth and the entire region, including the Iron Range, said Duluth City Councilor Sharla Gardner.”

Duluth City Councilor Sharla Gardner

“For example, as the Iron Range miners extract taconite and other minerals from the earth, the freight must be distributed to the mills and factories throughout the country. Rail is the most efficient means of distribution. And with the Port building a new inter modal system, using additional docks in 2015,Duluth will have a greater capacity for moving more freight.  The investment in the freight railroad system couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Continued investment by freight railroads is key to economic development in Duluth and to supporting the Port of Duluth. Strong railroads keep the Port strong and connect business across the upper Midwest to markets across the globe,” said Gardner.