Positive Train Control

Rail investment in safety technology creates jobs in Syracuse

Syracuse, NY – As the economy continues to recover, demand for rail service and for the companies that supply the rail industry continues to increase. The billions of dollars freight railroads invest in their network each year help meet that demand and create jobs at companies like Critical Link, LLC, based in Syracuse, New York.

Critical Link was started in 1997 by four embedded systems professionals. They develop components for the rail signaling system known as positive train control (PTC) for freight and passenger railroads. PTC is a computer-based system used to minimize human error by warning a train’s crew if the train is going too fast, ensuring trains are on the right track and even applying the brakes automatically to prevent a collision.

“Continued record investments by freight railroads create jobs and spur economic development across the country. We at Critical Link can also bear witness to the impact rail investments have on safety,” said John Fayos, Critical Link President.

Every investment railroads make in maintaining and upgrading their network enhances railroad safety. And investments in new technology like PTC make a safe network even safer while creating jobs at companies like Critical Link.