“Emerging export markets around the globe are providing tremendous opportunity for North Dakota’s economy. Rail is the vital and irreplaceable economic multiplier for our farmers and energy producers to maximize the results of their hard work and innovation.”

Steven Bakken is the Business Development Director for Larsen Engineering, which provides bridge management, construction management, engineering, design, planning and commissioning work to the railroad industry. Larsen has 12 locations in 10 states across the country.

Bakken also has more than 35 years of broadcast and media experience. He was formerly the host of several regional talk radio shows, including “Energy Matters” and “What’s On Your Mind” based out of KFYR 550 in Bismarck, ND and various affiliates. These programs afforded Bakken access to all levels of government, business, associations and industry executives on state, federal and international platforms in the energy industry as well as agriculture and private business.

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