Dallas, TX — Chris Wallace, president and CEO of the North Texas Commission, discusses rail safety policy in a May 31 op-ed for the Dallas Morning News.

“The Railroad Safety Act of 2023 is on a fast track in the U.S. Congress and was recently referred from the Senate Commerce Committee. While well-meaning, some of the provisions under consideration go far beyond improving accident prevention and response. In fact, they may even inhibit the investment needed to facilitate increasing freight demand, which in turn affects passenger routes.”

He argues that unfounded mandates would undercut the rail network and slow safety innovation.

“Promoting every tool in the toolbox that demonstrably furthers safety should be the priority for rail-served communities and freight and passenger stakeholders alike. Congress is right to prioritize rail safety, but as we approach a Senate vote and potential House consideration, our Texas delegation should take rail safety data into consideration, as well as the effects this legislation would have on rail operations and service across North Texas and the rest of the state.”

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