Phoenix, AZ – In a recent op-ed for the East Valley Tribune, Greater Phoenix Chamber President Todd Sanders highlighted the resolute importance of freight rail to the Arizona economy.

“When railroads spend their private dollars to deploy new technologies, add intermodal facilities, enhance track capacity, etc., it means Phoenix-area businesses can move more freight for less time, less money. Railroads also relieve the burden on taxpayer-funded roadways, cutting down on both congestion and pollution.”

Sanders notes that freight rail, which benefits many economic sectors in Arizona, hinges on balanced public policy. He warns that railroads’ economic regulator, the U.S. Surface Transportation Board (STB), should proceed with caution when it

“Policymakers should ensure that STB regulators continue allowing railroads to earn enough to reinvest and keep Phoenix economic arteries healthy. Their regulatory approach should also consider the larger transportation landscape and avoid favoring one mode of transport over another.

The freight railroad model is one that can serve our officials in D.C. well: avoid overregulation, promote infrastructure investment and ask infrastructure users to pay for what they use.”

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