Washington, D.C.Operation Lifesaver, a nonprofit public safety education and awareness organization dedicated to reducing collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-rail crossings and trespassing on or near railroad tracks, is gearing up for its second annual Rail Safety Week (Sept. 23-29).

Believe it or not, a person or vehicle is hit by a train about every three hours in the U.S. The goal of Rail Safety Week is to raise awareness, encourage rail safety education and empower the public to make smart decisions near railroad crossings. That’s where you or your organization comes in — please consider sharing one or more of the sample messages below.

Content that can be shared ahead of Rail Safety Week (prior to 9/23):
  • Ahead of #RailSafetyWeek (Sept. 23-29), build your own awareness to help #STOPTrackTragedies. @olinational @GoRail http://bit.ly/USrailsafetyweek
  • We’re observing #RailSafetyWeek Sept. 23-29 to #STOPTrackTragedies because every 3 hours, a person or vehicle is hit by a train. @olinational @GoRail 


  • #RailSafetyWeek (Sept. 23-29) kicks off next week! Join us in spreading an important public safety message: stay off the tracks – it could save your life. @olinational @GoRail
Content for Rail Safety Week (Sept. 23-29):
  • It’s #RailSafetyWeek! Learn more from @olinational & get some tips for staying safe around the tracks. @GoRail http://bit.ly/2yBTOVs
  • Never try to beat a train. The weight of a locomotive to your car = that of a car to a soda can. #USRailSafetyWeek @GoRail https://vimeo.com/129562719
  • Here’s a tip for #RailSafetyWeek — this sign could save your life at a crossing. #STOPTrackTragedies @GoRail https://vimeo.com/222729263
  • #RailSafetyWeek tip via @olinational: ALWAYS expect a train. Here are some more #STOPTrackTragedies tips & facts: http://bit.ly/2wh9QCI @GoRail
  • Remember — during @olinational’s #RailSafetyWeek & every day — no photo is worth the risk. #STOPtracktragedies @GoRail https://vimeo.com/146932433
  • A train can extend 3 feet or more beyond the steel rail — no #selfie is every worth it. #RailSafetyWeek @olinational @GoRail https://vimeo.com/147888194
  • It’s #RailSafetyWeek — let’s help #STOPTrackTragedies across [state]! FACT: Trespassing on train tracks is the leading cause of rail-related death in North America. @olinational @GoRail 


  • For Tuesday 9/25: Law enforcement partners are conducting “Operation Clear Track” at crossings in [state] & across the U.S. today! #RailSafetyWeek #STOPTrackTragedies @olinational @GoRail