Syracuse, NY — Morris Sorbello, who represents the 23rd district in the Oswego County Legislature, outlined the negative consequences of tariffs for New York industries, including its freight railroads, in a recent op-ed on

“Locally, aluminum and steel are also two of the larger commodities handled by the Port of Oswego. Tariffs mean diminished import traffic, directly affecting the port’s bottom line as well as the jobs of those who work there. Other sectors like agribusiness will similarly take a hit as countries look to retaliate with tariffs that maximize their impact on the U.S.”

He points out that while some companies may benefit from tariffs, the vast majority will be hurt by higher costs and long-term uncertainty.

“But while U.S. tariffs are meant to protect our own industries, we shouldn’t be surprised when other countries move to do the same for their workers. And therein lies the danger: Escalating these disputes into a broader trade war creates long-term uncertainty that makes it hard for any industry to plan for the future.”

“With escalating trade and tariff uncertainty, freight rail is operating in the same state of limbo that New York’s other critical industries are experiencing. Foreign and American businesses alike are determining how to respond, leaving freight rail operators unsure how their services will be affected. Without certainty, it will grow increasingly difficult for railroads to properly plan future business decisions, such as the allocation of rail cars, personnel and equipment.”

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