La Crosse, WI — In a new op-ed for the La Crosse Tribune, Altoona police chief and Wisconsin State Rep. Jesse James highlighted AskRail, an innovative mobile application developed by freight railroads for first responders.

He writes that while “99.99 percent of the trains carrying hazardous materials [reach] their destinations safely,” AskRail can “be a potential lifesaver for emergency crews” in the unlikely event of an incident.

“AskRail was developed by the rail industry and the International Association of Fire Chiefs to provide first responders with the resources they need to plan and make better decisions in an emergency situation — when every moment counts. It includes a range of tools first responders can use to help prioritize and coordinate their response.

This saves responders valuable time, allowing them to leap into action and make informed decisions rather than having to search for a physical manifest of the train’s contents. Emergency personnel can also quickly access information about how to safely handle and contain these materials and mitigate their potential impact on nearby communities and the environment.”

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