Orange County, CA — Future Ports Executive Director Marnie Primmer talks infrastructure, ports and rail in a recent op-ed for the Voice of OC. Writing that “a symbiotic relationship between the ports and surrounding communities is essential,” Primmer outlines how freight railroads are helping the region and port system tackle environmental goals.

“A sustainable supply chain must reduce emissions and embrace new technologies while supporting the safe, reliable, and efficient transport of goods. In this endeavor, freight railroads are our strongest partners.

Trains are not only four times more efficient than trucks—moving a ton of freight 479 miles on a single gallon of clean diesel—they also take hundreds of trucks off of Orange County roads (9 million trucks across California in 2017, to be exact), reducing congestion and relieving our already overburdened highway infrastructure.”

Primmer, who earlier this year attended Railroad Day on Capitol Hill, describes how new technologies are helping railroads build on their safety records while improving efficiency for shippers. She urges policymakers to encourage rail innovation rather than stifle it with onerous regulations.

“More specifically, Congress should oppose policies that stifle freight rail innovation and stymie the efficient use of assets and capacity. They should ensure that regulations allow railroads to earn enough to invest into their network. They should also avoid putting their thumbs on the scale by creating a regulatory environment or passing legislation that favors one mode of transport at the cost of another.”

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