“Maryland’s freight railroads contribute to the social vibrancy and economic stability of our region by transporting multitudes of goods to regional consumers and industry. Through their operations and capital investment, railroads support local economic development and thousands of Maryland jobs. Freight rail will be a core component of our nation’s long-term viability.”

Raised an “Army brat,” Jarrett Smith moved to the Washington DC area to attend Howard University. He has lived in Takoma Park since 2005 and currently works in commercial real estate and is serving his 4th term on Takoma Park’s City Council, and he serves on the Board of Directors Executive Committee for the Maryland Municipal League. Councilmember Smith sits on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee with the National League of Cities and is passionate about the history of rail transport for passengers and freight in our country and its significance all over the world.  An advocate for the railroad industry, Jarrett has read and studied their history and understands that railroads represent an entire comprehensive ecosystem employing 27+ unions including their administration and members as well as professionals highly skilled in the capital markets, banking, mining, engineering, mechanics, retailers, etc.  Moreover, aware that our country’s pension system started with the railroads and its unions, Jarrett can be considered a fan of an industry that often goes “unsung” despite the enormous role it plays in the US and even the World economy.

Jarrett can often be seen walking through Sligo Creek Park or on Flower Avenue on his way to and from council meetings or gatherings and/or meetings with his constituents.  Councilmember Smith and his wife live in Takoma Park’s Ward 5.

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