Tuscola, IL — Brian A. Moody, fire chief of Tuscola and secretary/treasurer of the Douglas County Firefighters Association and MABAS Division 26 (Mutual Aid Box Alarm Association), highlighted the innovative AskRail mobile app in a recent op-ed for the State Journal Register.

“AskRail is an application that first responders can download directly onto their mobile devices or access via desktop to provide access to the shipping manifests for freight trains passing through Illinois. This is particularly important in the case of trains carrying hazardous materials.

Although more than 99.99 percent of freight shipments carrying hazardous materials move without incident, in those rare cases when something happens, first responders can look to the AskRail app to quickly determine which rail cars are carrying hazardous materials. It also provides vital information about how to best handle and contain these materials, allows the first people at the scene to prioritize their next steps, and quickly make safe and informed logistical decisions.”

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